Load Cells
Our company offers best-in-class Load Cells that are available in many different shapes and sizes as per their load-bearing and measuring capacity. These highly sensitive transducers are designed to convert the compressive loads into electrical output to measure weight. 
Weight Indicators
LED Weight Indicator units are smart microprocessor-based displays that are commonly used in weight measuring machines to display results in readable forms. These electrical elements are provided with control buttons to easily set or reset these devices. 
Load Measuring Pins
Hariom Electronics offers premium-quality Load Measuring Pins that belongs to the class of temperature compensated transducers that are commonly used in weight measuring machines. These units are provided with overload protection that leads to longer service life. 
Load Indicator
Load Indicator panels are electronic devices that are provided with a light-emitting diode display to give output in readable numeric forms. The circuitry of these units is encased in a hard plastic enclosure that gives excellent protection from moisture and water attacks.
Load Cell Cable
Buy from us multi-core Load Cell Cable to deliver electrical power to the circuit elements of the weighing machines. The protective coat over these power transmission channels ensures higher safety from moisture, short circuit, and other damages.
Shear Beam Load Cell
Hariom Electronics is a Gujarat, India-based manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty Shear Beam Load Cell units that are available in many different sizes and load-carrying capacities. Buyers can get these transducer elements from us at a reasonable price range. 
Crane Load Cell
Our company offers best-in-class Crane Load Cell units that are commonly used in heavy-duty cranes to get the measure of loads carried by the machines to ensure higher safety while operating. Buy from us these cells in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Weigh Bridge Load Cell
Weigh Bridge Load Cell units are heavy-duty transducers that are designed to convert the mechanical load into electrical signals which in turn converted into a readable numeric signal that shows the weight of the loads with the help of a highly calibrated system. 
Weigh Load Cell
Buy from us premium-quality Weigh Load Cell that are designed and developed by using top-grade engineering materials and semiconductor elements that result in high durability and quick signal conversion. 
Batch Controller
Batch Controller units are smart and intelligent control panels that can be used medium to large-scale batching machines to control various operational parameters to ensure smooth and controlled functioning with the risk of breakdown.
Conveyor Weigh Unit
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-performance Conveyor Weigh Unit that can be used in industrial conveyors to measure the weight of the materials to be transported. Get these smart output units from us in bulk at a reasonable price range. 
Bite Force Sensor
Buy from our premium range of compact and heavy-duty Bite Force Sensor units that are in high demand due to their high sensitivity and capability to resist harsh industrial conditions. The offered sensors can be delivered to our customers as per their demands at a reasonable price. 
Load Cells for Weighing Machines
Weight Indicator displays are bright digital LED screens that are designed to show numeric output in readable and visible forms. The offered indicating devices are available in many different sizes as per the customer demands and machines in which they are going to be installed.

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